QuickFarm becomes GODAN’s Partner in Sub-Sahara Africa

QuickFarm becomes a GODAN partner in sub-Sahara Africa with a shared purpose to:

  • advocate for open data and open access policies by default, in both public and private sectors, whilst respecting and workingpartnership to balance openness with legitimate concerns in relation to privacy, security, community rights and commercial interests;
  • advocate for the release and re-usability of data in support of Innovation and Economic Growth, Improved Service Delivery and Effective Governance, and Improved Environmental and Social Outcomes;

With a focus on open data for agriculture and nutrition, the initiative seeks to:

  • advocate for new and existing open data initiatives to set a core focus on agriculture and nutrition data;
  • encourage the agreement on and release of a common set of agricultural and nutrition data; by increasing widespread awareness of ongoing activities, innovations, and good practices;
  • advocate for collaborative efforts on future agriculture and nutrition open data endeavours; and,
  • advocate programs, good practices, and lessons learned that enable the use of open data particularly by and for the rural and urban poor.

According to the GODAN Research and Partnerships Support Officer, Ruthie Musker, “We are delighted to have QuickFarm on board as a GODAN partner.” This partnership effort will further cooperation among the two organizations for better delivery of agricultural data in Africa with an objective to improve the lifes of millions of smallholders farmers- Founder, QuickFarm Solomon Adefolu.  Joining over 376 partners across national governments, non-governmental, international and private sector organisations, QuickFarm will engage in the activities of GODAN to further improve open access to agricultural information in sub-sahara Africa.

GODAN was launched in 2013 as part of the G-8 leaders commitment to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition to share relevant agricultural data available with African partners and develop options for the establishment of a global platform to make reliable agricultural and related information available to African farmers, researchers and policymakers, taking into account existing agricultural data systems.

GODAN activities and its Secretariat are financially supported by the US Government, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the Government of the Netherlands, FAO, Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural  Cooperation (CTA), GFAR, The Open Data Institute (ODI), the CGIAR and CABI. Learn more about GODAN partners here


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