QuickFarm Opens in Nigeria

QuickFarm Logo??????????

QuickFarm Agro-Resort Ltd known as QuickFarm is a start-up social enterprise with the main objective to connect smallholder farmers to market access and investors by harnessing tech power and education for their well-being.

QuickFarm believes in a society that better advances the cause of smallholder farmers by reducing the global multifaceted social and environmental challenges they face while trying to feed the world.

The agro start-up which focuses its operation among smallholder farmers in southwest Nigeria in the first instance will improve smallholder farmer’s well-being  by adopting a value chain approach from production, business organization and market access, to financial services. This will be achieved with a well thought out programmes and activity that will be locally driven by a wide range of stakeholders including youth volunteers, agricultural experts, natural resource management expert, research institutions (as partners), and a number of international food think-tank body as advisory partners.

Smallholder farming communities involved in fruits and vegetable production, livestock/animal farming, Pepper and Tomato and all forms of perishable farm produce in Nigeria will benefit from the innovative programmes of QuickFarm.

Nigeria’s teeming population of about 39% youth will also benefit from the QuickFarm’s Climate-Smart Agricultural Education and Enterprise Programmes that will be delivered to the age group between 10-35yrs. QuickFarm’s long term goal is to achieve a better well-being among 50% smallholder farming household in Nigeria while reducing food loss usually at early stage of food supply chain by an annual rate of 2%.

Interested groups and individual can follow QuickFarm on twitter via http://www.twitter.com/quickfarm to learn more about our programmes and can also email quickfarmng@gmail.com for any enquiry.


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